Cost Comparisons

ElectricityWater/sewage/trashGroceriesCable TV and internetCell PhonesHousingTravel
Texasas high as $365/mo in summerAverage around $95/mo most of the year...higher in summer.$125/week with surplus out the wazoo...we had a huge pantry in pville, and we made use of it. we also had a deep freezer outside and made use of that.$175 to $200/mo depending on what specials were available and if we decided to purchase any on-demand items.$200/mo for three phones________ for a 4-bedroom, 3300 square foot house on an acre of land in the middle of a green belt.$1200 a month or more depending on maintenance and repair costs.
Hong Kong$6.18 for six weeks$8.13 for six weeks. We did have to pay a deposit of $50ish.$115/week, but the shelves and freezer are completely empty by the end of the week. Check out the pics showing the prices of common items.$65/mo for a few good channels, HBO, Cinnemax, and high-speed internet.$65/mo for two phones. Some of this cost will be reimbursed by josh's company.The amount of rent we are responsible for here is $200 lower than our mortgage in Texas, but it's for a 1000-sq-foot apartment with nothing green in site...and josh's company covers a significant portion of the total rent. the total rent for this apartment is nearly 2x our mortgage in pville. we do have a playground and pool here. the playground is free, and the pool is a very minimal cost for us and free for the kids while they are small. we also have 24-hour security and can walk almost anywhere we need to go in under 15 minutes.approximately $112/mo out of pocket. it gets higher when josh travels to GZ, but his job reimburses most travel costs associated with his working in GZ part of the week.

the price in USD is $4.23

the price in USD is $20.19

the price in USD is $6.42

these are just some examples.  eggs are super cheap here.  cheese is expensive.  fruits and veggies from the wet markets are very, very cheap...i can go home with a bulging shopping bag of fruit and veggies that will last us most of the week for less than the price of one lean cuisine.  milk is more expensive, unless i buy the shelf boxes of regular milk and the 20 oz containers of soy milk.  yogurt is crazy expensive here, but we buy it a lot because we can't find sour cream for less than $8 for a small container, and we can get 3x as much plain greek yogurt for the same cost.  diapers and wipes are pretty expensive as are shampoos.  tooth paste, deodorant, and shave gel are comparable...a little higher.  OTC meds are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY expensive.  a dear friend sent us 3 big combo packs of day/nyquil, and for that we are SOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful.  it is intriguing to us how some things here are incredibly, amazingly DIRT cheap, and others are very expensive...the fact that soooo much of the packaged groceries are imported has a lot to do with how expensive they are.