Wednesday, December 7, 2011

HKG282: Ten Day Forecast

bug got this shot of us all hanging out in our empty living room

today marks ten days until we move. we can now look at the 10-day forecast for pville, and it means something. today was also the day waffle had to get his health screening and certificate for travel...this had to be done no more than ten days before he travels.

waffle survived his trip to the vet, i survived the kids and cat at the vet, and we all survived sending our beloved fishies to live with a new family. the are all set up in their new house, and their new mommy reports that they are very active and fun to watch. we showed their new family how to pet them, and we warned them that everyone in the tank is basically a dog with fins and will beg for food CONSTANTLY!

we have now gotten rid of 3/4 of our furniture and have plans for the remaining items to find new homes by monday. we have an appointment with our landlord to finalize paperwork, and then we're just about done...just have to pack up the suitcases and our beloved waffle kitty.

the last few days have been a bit crazy AND i have come down with ANOTHER cold, so tomorrow is going to be a very quiet day. we have a few small errands to run, but we will mostly keep it very low key.


  1. Your timing is perfect: we should be past this ridiculous freeze when you get here. What is happening with your Chinese cat? Can he come too?

  2. oh, yes...our native hong konger is going to become an expat cat. he's all set to travel. it won't be fun for him, but it'll be over soon enough. we are looking forward to watching him meet his dog siblings, climb the crazy tall tower we got for him, and watch/stalk birds through the windows. he's a city slicker cat, and i think he's going to go a little gaga over all the wild life he can see and stalk.