Sunday, December 4, 2011

HKG279: Cupcake Sunday

mmmm! fundamiddle cupcake!

now that the temps have dropped, i am waffle kitty's space-heater-human. the minute i sit down, he curls up in my lap. i love it!

q's developed a habit of biting his lower lip and now has a nasty-looking rash to show for it. we are keeping a close eye on the rash...worried about it being impetigo, which can develop after strep/scarlet fever.

today was a nice, slow, low key day. we just putzed around the apartment for the morning. josh got a wild hair and baked up a box of fundamiddles cupcakes that my mom sent. they were delish...a little too delish.

late in the morning, josh took the kids on an errand and to have lunch while i did my own thing...ate lunch, played on the 'puter, straightened the house, and then went out to run some errands.

this evening has been more of the same...nice and low key!

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