Thursday, December 15, 2011

HKG290: Cat Antics

waffle snuggled up with olivia this morning. he looked so calm, peaceful, and cute. usually, he's batting her pens all over the room and trying to sit on her coloring book while she's trying to color. i guess he got his crazies out on me this morning. first he curled up under the lap table i am using and bit my toe nail. then, while backing out from under the lap table, he put his furry little butt INTO my coffee. he then ran off and threw himself down to wash the coffee off his back side all while giving me wounded looks like i was the one who put the coffee there. i guess all of that wore him out b/c it was after that escapade that he curled himself around olivia and went to sleep. man, i love this crazy cat!

today was a more outgoing day than yesterday, but still pretty low key. the kids ran amok this morning while i worked on move-related stuff. just before lunch, we headed out to get q a hair cut and to visit our favorite shop kitties. we wanted to see if their mommies would like to have mansion la fu and scratchy la fu, waffle's kitty condo and scratching post that we cannot take with us. they were happy to sign up to take these items, so we will take them down there at the end of the day tomorrow.

this afternoon, we took a taxi to livie's school so that we could pick up the remainder of her school work. while there, livie got a couple of extra hugs from a couple of her teachers. we decided to walk home from school and stop at our favorite park on the way. josh came home early today, so he was already home when we arrived. livie and i took advantage of this and pretty much turned around and headed right back out the door so we could go get a foot massage. livie LOVES this and has been begging for us to go for a couple weeks.

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