Friday, December 9, 2011

HKG284: Fun Friday

livie is the adorable shepherd closest to the wall on the middle/right side of the pic

the kids have done remarkably well with adjusting to living with few toys, no furniture, and no TV. they each get a lot of time on the computer and nook to play games on pbskids and starfall, and we all watch a lot of random videos on youtube (duck-billed platypus, pugs, bostons, funny cat videos, a plethora of "videos" for music from the 70s (carpenters, beatles, james taylor, and so on)), so they are not exactly deprived :-) more often than not, though, they just get completely goofy as shown above. and then mean mommy has to reign in the goof because there is a high probability that the neighbors below us want to cause bodily harm due to the noise.

the temps dropped a few more degrees again. waffle decided that the weather is too chilly and he is most comfortable laying less than an inch from the space heater.

today was a day of dividing and conquering. though she is no longer enrolled at school, live was allowed to participate in her class christmas play this morning (she was the world's most adorable shepherd). josh got her off to school for that while q and i hung around the apartment and then headed out to lego class.

this afternoon, we mostly kept it pretty quiet, and then had a very simple dinner. we're not sure yet what we will do tomorrow; we are having olivia's bed picked up, but we are not sure yet what time it will be picked up. we are hoping to make one more trip out to macau this weekend to check out the portuguese history of the island, but we're not 100% sure that will be a go.

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