Friday, December 2, 2011

HKG277: A Symphony of Lights

today was a pretty great day. the kids were feeling better, and we got out a little bit this afternoon to run errands and go to a park.

this evening, we met up with josh and went to a hamburger joint called triple o's. it was okay...not bad, but just not a typical american burger. i need some wendy's :-) or whataburger. even better...some dan's :-) or culvers. or freddy's. or carl's jr. you get the picture.

after our dinner, we went looking for a jacket for olivia. temps have dropped a bit, and she left her jacket at school (and is no longer enrolled...we will have a chance to retrieve the jacket next week, though). it was a bit of an adventure finding a jacket for her, but we finally did, and she's adorable in it.

our next stop was the symphony of lights show that takes place in victoria harbor. it was pretty spectacular. this is one of the last few things to do on our list. tomorrow, we hope to visit sai kung...also a todo on our list.

christmas lighting on buildings near victoria harbor

laser light show on the TST side of the harbor

decorated ferry that runs during the light show

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