Tuesday, December 13, 2011

HKG288: On the Town Tuesday

this is what some of the jumpin' gym locations look like. this is NOT what today's location looked like :-)

it feels like we have been shut in a lot lately, so today i got the kids out for a couple of fun events. first, we headed out to another jumpin' gym location. this one is in the same district we live in and is relatively close by. unfortunately, it was a super junky location. many of the machines were broken, and the overall appearance of the place was pretty run down. i say "unfortunately," but really, i'm the only one that noticed. the kids had a pretty great time using up our tokens...they played air hockey, bowling, skee ball, and a couple driving games. there was a pizza hut in the same mall, and we headed over thinking we'd get lunch there...until we noticed that this pizza hut was super fancy schmancy. it had linen table cloths, glassware, and mood lighting....and it was filled with business people. we took ourselves elsewhere :-)

this afternoon, the kids were invited to come play with the two boys they have gotten to know through gymnastics. the boys have a baby sister and a DOG, and they live in a really fantastic apartment. bug and q were thrilled to hang out with their friends, play with different toys, love on the baby, and fawn over the dog. they had a fabulous time. they are tuckered out after a good, active day!!

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