Wednesday, December 14, 2011

HKG289: Packing and Downloading

this is what waffle was doing today while the kids were running amok and i was getting move-stuff done. yes, the space heater is on. the weather has improved, and temps are up about 5 degrees, but our apartment is still chilly...and thus the toasty cat.

today was a very low key day. the kids ran amok in the apartment while i downloaded games and youtube clips to my computer for the LOOOONNNNGGG plane ride. downloading games put a fraud alert on my credit card, so i had to spend some quality time skyping with the credit card company. there's nothing like trying to use an automated telephone system while your kid is shrieking in such a way that the automated responder keeps telling you that it did not understand your response :-)

in addition to getting the pc ready, i also started the final packing...DUN DUN DUN! it looks like we will have a suitcase to donate (and one less to haul). i will finish our packing dry run tomorrow so that i know if i need to purge/ship more items on friday.

this evening, the kids and i met up with josh at southorn playground so that the kids could play and then josh could take them to dinner while i did some stocking stuffer shopping at nearby markets.

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