Thursday, December 8, 2011

HKG283: Language Barrier

this picture doesn't do it justice because you can't taste it, but trust me, this is the world's best chocolate cupcake. the cake is moist and delicious. instead of frosting, the cake is covered in chunks of chocolate that has crisps in it.

today was a pretty good day. the kids and i headed to southorn playground to play for a bit before meeting josh for lunch. we went to pomme again so that livie could experience the world's best chocolate cupcake, and so that we could get some treats to share with her class tomorrow.

after nap, we ran into central to get some errands done. our first errand was to get some gift cards at starbucks to give to livie's teachers to say thank you. i wanted three $350 gift cards (that comes to around 45 USD). it was hectic in the starbucks (it was tea time), and quinn was being quinnado. the clerk either misheard me or misunderstood me, and i ended up with three gift cards that had only 50 HKD on them...that's around 6 USD...barely enough for one cup of coffee. so, tomorrow, josh and olivia will go back to starbucks to get REAL gift cards. i should have ignored the line of nine people behind me and my crazy son doing crazy things and just gotten the cards corrected when we were there, but honestly, i did not have the energy for it.

this evening was quiet...just a quick dinner of yummy leftovers and one more piece of furniture going to a new home.

i worked on purging the kitchen cabinets today, and spending so much time in the kitchen made me really miss the fishies. i didn't really realize how much time i spent looking at them and talking to them (i know) whenever i was in there doing chores/mundane stuff. it was lonely in there one was begging me to feed them or splashing around.

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