Saturday, December 10, 2011

HKG285: Jacket Required

during family nap, waffle curled up on the warmest human: josh.

i'm a total wimp when it comes to cold temps. i LOVE hot weather. love it. cold? hate it. what do i classify as cold? anything below 70 degrees, really. i told you i am a wimp.

the temps here have been in the high sixties during the day and low fifties at night. this should be fine, right? when we are out and about and walking miles and miles, it's PERFECT. i swear to you, though, that it's about 40 degrees inside our apartment. even josh, our resident walking space heater, said he was cold today. i am guessing that the combination of hardwood floors and cement walls along with zero furniture or rugs is what's got this place feeling like a meat locker.

i bought sparky, our space heater, a week or so ago. thing is, if i turn him to a medium high temp AND to the highest fan speed, he starts sparking. this is not something i look for in a space heater. i had to turn sparky off last night and let him cool off for an about 1:30 in the morning, my teeth were chattering. the compromise is to turn sparky to a medium warm temp and the lowest fan speed. this produces wimpy warm air. the warm air is so wimpy that our furred family member...the one covered in fur from his nose to his toes...sleeps directly in front of the space heater. in hopes of combating the cold tonight, we got a second sparky and we have them set up at either end of a short hall that all of the bedrooms come off of. here's hoping we have toasty toes tonight!

i know that the upcoming forecast for pville includes temps about 10 degrees lower than our lows here, but our house in pville has central air, carpets and furniture, and NO SPARKS ;-0

i told you i'm a wimp.


  1. It's a good thing you won't be leaving the airport when you land in Chicago! The high is about 30 degrees today! And, I'm a wimp, too. This is the time of the year I always question why we live here...

  2. oh, i don't know how you do it, michelle. the temps in chicago are actually what deterred us from scheduling our flight so that we had a night or two in chicago (and before we decided to not hire pet relocators to handle waffle). we knew we couldn't deal with the temps without appropriate gear.